shoe must: Leather Jack Purcell

If you’re ready to expose your ankles to Spring than you must have leather Jack Purcells. A step-up from the more casual canvas. Just...
Verner Panton
Topan Pendants

home must: Topan Pendant

If gumdrops hanging from the ceiling sounds yummy than you MUST indulge in Verner Panton’s Topan Pendant. These lacquered aluminum lights with fabric cord...
Martin Katz


If you think subtle sparkle is the way to shine than you MUST start stacking Martin Katz’s microbands. The LA based designer accessorizes Hollywood’s...
Rainbow Tree

holiday must: TREETOPIA

If you’ve been there done that traditional thing than you MUST put up an artsy artificial Christmas tree. Don’t lose the precious pine just...


If you like to put your own stamp on things than you MUST get Kiersten Essenpreis’ hands on your handbag. The Chicago-based illustrator &...
All Style 
Blow Dry

beauty must: BLOWN AWAY

If you’ve blown every hair moment this past month than you MUST straighten things out with Bumble & Bumble’s All Style Blow Dry. The...
Foot Petals Shoe Stretcher

health must: SAVE YOUR SOLES

Party season is upon us and it’s no holiday for your feet. Designer Christian Louboutin once sniffed: “People say I am the king of...

home must: NOVOGRATZ 9

If your walls need a wake-up call than you MUST hit the refresh button with Walmart’s Novogratz 9 Collection. This designing duo continues to...
Cowshed Soothing 
Bath & Shower Gel

health must: SLEEP

If you aren’t comfortable popping popular pill prescriptions for a sound slumber than you MUST go natural. Most health experts advise: get enough sleep!...
JJ Winters 
Grey Suede

bag must: JJ Winters

If you’re looking for a great shag you MUST hook up with JJ Winters. The buttery bags are hanging from Hollywood hips … a...